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Another Lucky Shot: One And A Half Rainbows

I shot this a few weeks back, but failed to put it here on This was a day of chaos as I was trying to run around and handle errands with not only the DMV, but also a recent furniture purchase. It was a really busy day that culminated with a short thunderstorm. Fortunately it was short. The end results gave a typical rainbow. I could see it as I drove down the streets. 

As I got closer to Chateau "Ghetto," I noticed the rainbow was really vivid in color. So what the heck, why not grab a photo. I had my trusty Nexus 6 smartphone on me and pulled over for a shot. Where I stopped was a highly elevated piece of land. I felt this would give me the best view. And yes, it did. Not only did I see the typical half rainbow, but I saw the FULL rainbow span across the sky. As a bonus, there was another half rainbow just above the full one. 

I ran this image thru editing as usual. I love the fact that I could capture this moment. This was maybe my second time ever seeing a full rainbow. Thanks for checking out my photo. 

Image by Ant Pruitt - all rights reserved