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Into The City

I've been struggling finding things to shoot recently. I like what I like, but I know I should try to shoot different venues and styles. Even if I can't shoot a different style, I need to show a different venue. I eventually found another spot that got my attention around 1AM last night. 

Shot taken on a Sony NEX-5T. It was a little tougher than expected to get this shot as I'm standing on a road overpass. My tripod wasn't quite tall enough to get over the guard railing. I shot through the open space of the guard rail. Also, there were a few times I had cars passing behind me on the overpass. This unfortunately lead to gentle vibration of the overpass. When doing long exposure shots, you need to have the camera completely still. This shot came out as I wanted it to. I cropped it down to a different aspect ratio and did a little more processing in Lightroom

Image by Ant Pruitt

Image by Ant Pruitt