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The Lines: Work, Pleasure, Peace

Recently, I've been struggling with finding a photo opportunity that "speaks" to me. My brain has been working overtime with day-to-day tasks of a "9 to whatever"  full time career as well as other family obligations.

Last night I forced myself to go out and shoot. . .photography. I was mentally tired and felt like I needed a break. Yet at the same time, I felt like I NEEDED to do something productive. After driving around a few hours, randomly snapping photos and playing my audiobook I came across a shot that I wanted to conquer. 

I mentioned in social media that it's interesting how working this craft of photography can be both "work" and "pleasure."  It is mental stimulation, but also relaxing. My heart races as I find that shot and think of how I want to frame it in the camera. My heart races as I see that one shot has several possible ways to shoot it. With all of this heart-racing going on, I was at peace. 

The photo didn't come without challenges. As I was framing this photo, my hands were cold so I struggled with feeling the controls on the camera. Also, I didn't have my better tripod with me. Top it off with the location being somewhat unstable. You never realize how shaky highway overpasses can be until you stand on them shooting long exposure photography. 

Shot with a Sony NEX-5T. Prints available here

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