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The Last Man Standing. . .Always

I took this shot this past weekend. It felt right to stop by here. It felt appropriate to stop by here. I'm glad I did.  I have so many fond memories of this place from my father who passed on 9/5/2014. From him taking me to many games during my childhood, to him calling my cell phone EVERY SATURDAY, MINUTES BEFORE KICKOFF just to drive me nuts. (Inside joke - He knows I hate talking on the phone on game day)  So I dedicate this photo to him which I took with my smartphone (HTC One Max). 

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I don't have a lot of digital photos of my father, but I am thankful for Google Voice. I still have the voicemails he has left me over the last few years and will be able to hear his voice always. 

I love you, ol' man. I hope to see you again. I know you're still the last man standing.

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***Note: Musical credits Glenn Miller. "String of Pearls" was my father's favorite songs.