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Star Wars Awakened Something - No Spoilers

So today, December 18th 2015 I made it my business to see the latest iteration of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Love it or hate it, the Star Wars franchise is a historical and magical feat when it comes to cinema and merchandising. Not to mention, something that strikes the nerves and hearts of millions of fans one way or another. Anyway, I want to share my thoughts and experience as I ventured away from Palacio Des Los Pruitts to the local theater. 

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If you all don't know, Star Wars has a HUGE space in my heart. I've shared memories with friends and family a few times in conversation. So knowing the movie day was upon me brought a certain level of excitement. No, I didn't pre-order movie tickets. Why? Because since the last three movies were put out, I went to see them during non-peak hours. Typically, I'd take a half day off from work to go see the movie. Today, I just went during my late lunch time. I arrived early enough to get a great seat. Not that it mattered, as there was approximately 30 people in the theater to see it. 

Now, the lights begin to dim and the pre-movie trailers begin. Woah there are some great flicks coming in the near future! Some are pretty funny looking and a little "wild." Quite a few of them mentioned "bitches" and "asses" during party scenes. I found these trailers oddly out of place for a Star Wars showing, but whatever.  Now on to the movie. . . .

What the?

The movie begins and I notice it's not the typical "Lucas Films" pre-roll. Nor do I hear the iconic 21st Century fanfare music. No worries, I'll hang in there. Wait a minute, that's Amy Pohler! She's talking to some bum on a city street. Since when did the planets of Star Wars have scenes that looked like a Brooklyn neighborhood??? Blast!  I'm in the WRONG theater! Then again, I know I'm in the correct theater. My ticket said so. What's the problem?

Apparently, the theater put in the wrong film for showing. Oops. This leads to about a ten minute delay. Now on to the movie. . .seriously. . . .

The movie begins and I'm eagerly awaiting another iconic opening scene after the classic Star Wars scroll on the screen.  You know the one, where the screen just shows the deep black abyss of space? The start is just what I expected. It felt like the original 1977 version of Star Wars. My heart began to race and it never stopped until I got home.

Welcome To Show

What a great movie! This movie really gives you the feel of the original trilogy. Sure it has some outstanding visual effects and sci-fi fantasy props, but it all "felt" right. Granted, there's one scene where one would argue that physics doesn't work that way. At any rate, who cares!?!?! It's Star Wars. Shut up nerds and just enjoy it! And that I did. 

As you may already know, there's a return of Han Solo and Chewi. When these guys came onto the screen, I smiled inside. It made me think of the first time I saw them many years ago on the movie screen. It was awesome as I thought back to my dad taking me to see Empire Strikes Back. The cameo scene wasn't a forced (see what I did there) cameo. It perfectly continued on with the Star Wars story. 

Later, Carrie Fisher shows on the screen and reunites with Han Solo. This was awesome, but unfortunately, I lost it. My heart began to break and tears rolled down my eyes. I couldn't help myself. Memories of sitting in the theater back in the days seeing Leia. I loved me some Leia as many young boys did! More so, my father came to my mind. Holy crap I miss him. He's only been gone from my life for just over 1 year, but man it HURTS. Other than football, this was the one thing he and I truly shared as father and son. I eventually pulled myself together and got back into the movie. 

The movie flowed similarly to the 1977 episode IV. The cast all did a great job of playing the roles. I didn't care for some of the comedic dialog, because it felt corny. The Sith in the movie was pretty good. X-wings, TIE Fighters, Super Destroyers and even the droids were all a perfect fit. 

The theatrical score wasn't as powerful as the previous scores. But it's still a John Williams project so it can't be "bad." 

I think this movie will be another one for the ages. It truly captures the original essence of Star Wars in my opinion. I've never cried watching a movie until today. I'm a pretty even tempered guy, but this movie really tugged at my heart for the whole two hours. There will be many "professional" reviews of this movie that will rave. There will be many haters out there, I'm sure. But I think the masses are going to enjoy the action packed nostalgia of Star Wars. I look forward to seeing this movie again. Heck I have a free theater pass since the flick started late. Maybe I can redeem for a second viewing. 

I highly recommend you take your family to see this movie. So worth it. It's going to be a box office money maker beyond belief