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Remember Flying Kites?

This weekend while with my #hardheadz, we finally experienced enough wind to enjoy the age-old activity of flying kites. My kids have never done this before and of course struggled initially with the whole "we have to have wind for these to fly" concept.

I took a few shots with my Galaxy Nexus smartphone and I think these turned out quite all right. Fortunately, there were a few times the kite actually looked suspended and didn't blur when I took the picture. Here's one. . . .

image credit Ant Pruitt for

I personally like this image the best. It looks like we're flying the kites in a "tunnel" of trees here at Chateau "Ghetto."

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When's the last time you flew a kite? If it's been a while, i suggest getting out there and spending $5 on a lil' kite and just enjoy the peacefulness that comes with it.