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Not Joining A Neighborhood Near You

Over the weekend I was reading my exciting tech news feeds and came across a story regarding a tech guy I like - Kevin Rose. Full story can be found here.  Essentially, he and his family were harassed because he now works for Google Ventures and is causing the cost of living to go up in the 'hood.  <---That's all paraphrased, by the way. This made me think of one thing. Gentrification. That's all it is in my opinion. 

image credits Ant Pruitt and good ol' Google

What does the term gentrify mean to you? More so, gentrification? Some think of it as a phase of "uh oh, the white people are moving in."  Others think it's another way of modernizing an area and driving up the cost of living there. Some take it to heart and hate the thought of it. Me, I'm sorta numb to it all. 

The people mentioned in the San Francisco bay area have a lot of room to complain. Their cost of living has increased because higher compensated tech employees move in and pay higher rent. Some residents have been unfairly evicted because the landlord(s) knew they could get more money in rent from people like those working in the tech industry. But is it really the tech company's fault this is happening? Where's the justice on getting these landlords straightened out?

I have seen gentrification here in the CLT area (Charlotte, NC.) I can remember a specific street that began construction on a pink high rise building. This building ended up being an apartment home at pretty high rates. It's closer to downtown CLT so it's "prime" real estate. I've seen certain areas that were clearly run down in years past now be revitalized by remodeling of homes that were lost in foreclosure. Or built new homes that later made the area more "prime." And since it's prime, not just anyone can afford to live there. 

Would I like to reside in those areas? Sure would. I like the location. But at this time, I can't afford it. Am I pissed about it? Nah! If people have the means, then have at it. I can't hate on them for being able to afford it when I can't. Plus, at this time I'm happy to be in Chateau "Ghetto." 

What's your stance on gentrification? Have you experienced it as the "gentrifyee" or been "gentrified?" Discussion can be opened in the comments section.