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Video: My First Time on TWiT!

Man yall have no idea. So I was able to be a guest on one of my fav podcasts of all-time. It's the big show on the TWiT network - This Week In Tech. I truly appreciate Mr. and Mrs. Laporte reaching out and allowing me to be a guest on this awesome tech podcast. The chat room was so kind to me and pretty funny. Ha! I look forward to more opportunities to sit and talk tech with the TWiT team. It was nice chatting with Ben Johnson and Philip Elmer.  Check out the video below. Also, I send my condolences to the family of Dr. Jerry Pournelle as he recently and peacefully passed away. He was a board member of the organization that gave me my first chance at writing about technology. I still gosh as the idea of seeing HIS name in my email inbox years ago.