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McKinnon Shares Some Photography Tips

I enjoy watching Peter McKinnon each week via his YouTube channel. He does a tremendous job showing techniques and tricks to help people become better in the world of videography or photography.  This latest video is another great video with solid information that beginners can learn from. Simple stuff.  Doable stuff. 

When I'm asked about different tips to become a better photographer, I always refer to one thing. . .PRACTICE. Just pick up your camera and start shooting. The more your shoot, the more you'll notice nuance items in your photos. You'll wonder why the focus wasn't sharp or why a shot was over exposed. Next thing you know you're studying your camera menus or reading guides on understanding shutter speed or aperture. 

How often are you shooting? I shoot something with my camera(s) every single day. It doesn't matter what type of camera you have or smartphone or what have you. Just go shoot! It's the only way I know to get myself better at this craft. Let me know if the comments below how your shooting schedule goes. Also, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and give me a follow over on Instagram.