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Keep Your World Clean

There's a ton of bad things happening in our world today. Some things we may have the power to help fix the problems, some things we may not. One thing we have the power to do is keep our "personal world" clean and clear of crap, clutter, poop and what have you. It's too bad that sometimes this requires making unpopular decisions. Fortunately, it ends up being well worth it.

My challenge to you is to take a look at your world. The world that you hold intimate such as your family space and personal free time to yourself. Keep it clear of negativity as best you can. Many will step into your personal world and bring their negative energy with them. If it's something that's going to wreck your world, advise them to keep their poop to themselves. #sorrynotsorry

Don't get me wrong, I believe in helping our fellow man. But I also believe in allowing our fellow man to at least TRY to help themselves. Sadly, there's so much going on with people doing nothing but finding reasons to complain. I personally have no time for that. Shut up, and keep your poop out of my peaceful zone. 

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