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I Tried Out A Stojo

Most of us love getting our caffeine fix in the morning. I'd like to bet that of those individuals, there's a "favorite" mug for the caffeine consumption. I was recently sent a portable mug to try out during my morning routine. This portable coffee mug comes from the folks at Stojo.

Image by Ant Pruitt     All rights reserved

The mug was surprisingly convenient for me. It's lightweight, easy to use, easy to stow and easy to clean. This particular Stojo is a 12-ounce version which sells for $15. "The Biggie" 16-ounce version is coming soon via Indiegogo. Different colors are available, but you know I'm all about that orange option.

The lid on the cup didn't leak. The lid even has a leak-proof sipping spout. Be warned. Use the included heat sleeve. This microwavable polypropylene can get very hot to the touch.

All in all, I think the cup is pretty nifty and serves a good purpose for the on-the-go caffeinated beverage lover.