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I don't watch a lot of television. Correction, I don't watch a lot of "live" television. My time viewing the so-called "idiot box" usually consists of some sort of on-demand programming. Whether it's Amazon Prime, Hulu or Netflix, I'm never bored with what's on the screen.

Earlier this year I began watching a Netflix original series called "Grace and Frankie" starring Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda. This show about two "old" ladies really sucked me in. I can remember watching two or three episodes and not knowing why the heck I was enjoying it. Seriously, it's two 70 year-old ladies that are getting divorced from their husbands which are gay. Oh and their husbands are mutual friends. It's by far the funniest and saddest television show I've watched. First you're laughing at some of the antics that happen on the screen between the characters. Next you're feeling very sorry for the pain and hurt they're experiencing emotionally.

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Netflix announced that season two will be available on May 6th. Will you be watching this show? If not, what shows are you watching? Comment below