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Hit Me In The Gut


Maaaaan. No, I've not battled with substance abuse, but this track hits me in the gut EVERY TIME I hear it. I've made so many mistakes in my old-ish life. I think back on some of the things that I've done or been through and it makes my eyes tear. Some decisions were bad ones. Sometimes it was just bad timing. Some things were just "bad luck." I know I've "started over" more times than I wanted to. It had to happen, though. Starting over STUNK. It was even painful at times. 

But then there are times I hear people say some unbelievably nice things about me. People that know the paths I've traveled. Those that know what I've been through, what my family has been through and what we all desire. Hearing unbelievable things like "you have come a long way." Or hearing "you've inspired me." Yeah, especially that phrase. Man - being an introvert, I don't talk to a lot of people socially. But when I do, I'm always met with kind conversation like what I just mentioned.

I'm grateful for being able to get to where I am at this particular point in my old-ish life. I'm grateful for the people high and low, near and far that have in some way helped me along whether I asked for the help or not. (most of the time I took things upon myself)  I'm grateful for sound mind to be able to reflect. My personal and professional journeys continue. I'm probably the happiest guy on the planet even though my smile is mythical, but that doesn't mean I'm satisfied with my life. Happy, but not satisfied. And that is OK. I can continue to drive for more of what I want in my life and for my life. 

Here's to everyone that is forced to start over. Here's to everyone learning something from the past and using it for your present day and future. Let's get it.