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For The Challenge - #Oneography #SmartphonePhotography

I won't be able to host/attend this week's hangout on air with the Smartphone Photographers Community, but I do have a shot I am submitting for the weekly challenge. 

Taken with my HTC One Max. I have pretty much made the Google Camera app my standard camera. I enjoyed the stock and also enjoyed HTC camera as well as the A Better Camera App. But the Google Camera has been more reliable in performance. I get less noise and better color. The app is also super fast in processing shots versus the other two options. 

I did my initial processing in Snapseed with it's nice black and white filter. Normally I like to increase the contrast on the black and white shots, but this time, the contrast came out almost right. I actually had to decrease the contrast a little. Final touch up was handled in GIMP.

Here's the shot. The theme was based on capturing lakes and rivers. . .or just bodies of water. Thoughts? Feel free to share this page with others. Also, check out the web page for Smartphone Photographers. It features the community and also our hangout on air videos. Thanks!

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