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Even Your Kids Will Want To Clean House: Oreck POD Tech

I’ve done product reviews over the last few years from the world of consumer technology. This particular review product surprised me. It’s a vacuum. Actually, it’s a pretty neat vacuum from the folks at Oreck. The cordless Oreck POD Stick vacuum. By the way, the links used are affiliate links which would help support my creative endeavors.

I remember opening the box and wondering if anything was actually in it. This vacuum is so light compared to my run-of-the-mill canister vacuum I currently use. The device was roughly the same size, but very light in weight.

What sets this device apart from other vacuums is the POD technology that’s used to collect all of the bits you vacuum up. Unlike typical canister vacuums, the POD is set to allow up to three times more dust and dirt collected over other cordless vacuums and it’s DUST FREE when it comes to emptying the pod. The pods filter and catches the majority of the micro dust particles. When the pods are full, you have to replace them. Fortunately, you can order them without an issue. But don’t worry, you won’t have to order them often. It really does take a while to fill them up.


You can detach the handle and use it as a small upholstery or handheld vacuum quite easily and the accessory attachments work well with a quick connection.


But just how good is this device?

I saw the price tag of $399 and had some trepidation. That’s much more than the usual $100 I pay. The difference is the performance. I cleaned up my office one day as part of the testing. My dadgum dogs like to hang out on the floor in there, which means lot of dog fur can be on the carpet. I used my existing vacuum and was happy with the job.

A few minutes later, I re-cleaned my office with the Oreck and was blown away by the additional dust and dirt collected AFTER I just previously vacuumed.


Even my sons enjoyed using this device. They loved that it was wireless and light. It made cleaning their rooms and the home much easier and enjoyable. They were disappointed when they found out it was a review unit which meant the device had to be shipped back.

I’m impressed with the Oreck and the POD system to help make a day-to-day task easier and less messy. Check it out for $399 via my affiliate link.