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Cute Excitement

I was trying to capture a photo today for the Smartphone Photographers Community weekly challenge and came across a few things. First, dreary weather and overcast skies. Second, a wet ass as I sat down on a bench that was wet. (I didn't know it was wet.) Finally, an older gentleman that saw me taking pictures. 

He was curious about my smartphone. And like most that see the phone up close for the first time, wowed at how big the phone is.  This lead to the gentleman telling me about his own "new" phone. The Motorola Razr Maxx

He was sooooo excited about his phone. Granted, that phone is far from being a flagship device, and I refused to mention that. I just listened and nodded to this senior citizen's demonstration. As I listened and looked him in the eyes, I could see his excitement for his device. It was cute. He loved "this app" and "that app." He loved the lock screen and how you can "put widgets on the lock screen." It was an interesting and entertaining discussion.

Have you taken a moment to realize the joy in some of your simple things in your day? We sometimes forget to be thankful and appreciative of some of the little things in life. A home with air conditioning in the southern summer heat. A vehicle that gets you from point A to point B and back to point A. A HOME! Take a moment and get excited about these little things. We struggle with #FirstWorldProblems more than we realize. Maybe not "we," but I know I have my moments.

Oh and here's the picture I ended up submitting for the photography challenge. I call it, "In Need."

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