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Ant Pruitt The Unicorn

Am I a unicorn? No I'm not a mythical horse-like animal that has a horn on its head. I'm an Ant Pruitt, dadgumit. Unlike any other, actually. 

Image by Ant Pruitt    all rights reserved

Image by Ant Pruitt    all rights reserved

It's been an interesting and emotional couple of years for me. I've dealt with internal/emotional challenges on several levels. One of the challenges centered around how I manage to earn a wage to pay my bills and provide for my family.

You see, I've had a "9 to 5" job for a while now. But in the midst of that, I've tapped into other interests and passions of my life. And of course, when that happened I dreamed of one day those passions replacing the "regular 9 to 5." Tough challenge, I know. So I decided to keep doing what I do and see what happens. When I'm not creating digital content for entertainment, I'm sitting at home working on SQL as an IT support guy each and every day. I love it most days. It allows me to solve problems and tickles my brain. But I've been doing this for a long time. A really long time. Over a decade. 

Moreover, I've been employed with this company for 16 years now. Is that even heard of in this day and age? I think not. I toot my horn a little bit about the tenure, but I don't envy those that have been able to (successfully) grasp new employment challenges every three to five years. I do admire it to an extent. But, the boring ol' Ant Pruitt clearly likes consistency and status quo. Yeah, I guess I do. 

For those of you reading this that are employed? How long have you been employed by your current employer? Do you plan to change employers soon? I'm not talking about those of you that are independent contractors or freelancers. There's a slight difference there. Let me know in the comments. Be sure to subscribe to my other content over on Youtube and Instagram.