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A Drop In The Glass

I had to give a particular cliche type of photography a try. It was a Thursday night and I wasn't hosting the Smartphone Photographers Community hangout on air, so I decided to do something constructive.

I've seen for years photographs of splashing water, in particular, shots of water or beverages being poured into a glass. Based on my limited knowledge of cameras and photography, I knew those shots took some pretty decent skill and patience to pull off. Not to mention, a good hand at processing a photo. I've read a few articles and seen a few tutorials. I had to give it a try.

I grabbed the DSLR, some lights, a few glasses, a cup of water and have this a go.  It took me maybe 30-45 minutes to figure the best camera settings for pulling this shot off. It was fun task and helped me learn a little more about the camera I own. Of course sharing it on my site here meant I had to compress the image so it wouldn't be so big online. I have another shot that similar to this, but you will have to follow me on Instagram to see it. (I'll publish it later today)

Image by Ant Pruitt    All rights reserved