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30 Days and 30 Photos, Day 26

I got some products in the mail this day for review. Not do I take it upon myself to create an article or video about the product and my experience, but I always include pictures if I'm able to snap some. This would be my first product shoot with my new camera and makes Day 26 of #30DaysAnd30Photos rather challenging. Why? Because I unfortunately love to play around with not only the camera settings but the different lighting options I have.  

I have a couple softbox lights, two hot shoe adjustable LED lights, the camera's flash, whatever room/ambient lighting to deal with and also the sun as a lighting ally. Backdrops and backgrounds are another element to consider. In this case, I wanted to check the difference in lighting by adjusting the the LED light's intensity. Both images are shot virtually the same regarding focal length, f-stop, ISO and shutter speed. I just cropped them a little differently. I'm not terribly fond of these shots, but it's all about gathering data and knowledge in this instance. Check out the difference lighting makes.

Thanks for checking out my shots and my photography journey.

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