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30 Days and 30 Photos, Day 24

At a certain point of day 24 in my #30DaysAnd30Photos challenge I found myself saying, "just put the camera in your hand, so it goes wherever you go." At this moment, my camera was stuck with me sitting on the back porch listening to an audiobook.  The sun was setting, the beer was good and the birds were making their way back home, apparently. I shot this later wishing I had the 200mm lens installed on my camera. Oh well. Shit happens. Though, I wasn't happy with the shot, I decided to spend more time than usual with the editing processing.  Editing was a combination of Lightroom on the desktop and also the free photo editor GIMP. The cropping and adjustments made a difference in my view. I feel better about this shot now. Thanks for reading this.

Image by Ant Pruitt      All rights reserved