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30 Days and 30 Photos, Day 15

Here's the Day 15 shot for my #30DaysAnd30Photos DSLR challenge. Boy was Day 15 a pain in the butt! The corporate world drove me nuts. The general idiocy of society drove me nuts. I realized that my forth coming time off isn't next week, but in two weeks. It was a rather frustrating day. By about 4pm, I decided to take a late lunch (again) and grab a comfort snack. I also thought, "grab your camera, it will be a fun stress release."  

I was able to get my comfort snack, courtesy of Dunkin Donuts. Sadly, my plans to shoot were foiled by mother nature. As I pulled out my T5i, the cloudy skies decided to start dropping freezing rain. Smh. The only thing I could think to do was "look up, look out and shoot."  That's what I did. I remember seeing the sky and these old oak trees in the distance. The treetop grouping  reminded me of an umbrella. I thought it was fitting considering the precipitation at the time. 

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