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Thirty Days and Thirty Photos, Day 4

Hey there, everyone. Here's the fourth day iteration of my #30DaysAnd30Photos challenge. As usual, all photos of the challenge have to be shot with my Canon T5i, not my beloved smartphone camera. Ever had those days where it seems like the hours just zip by at the speed of light? Well that was day four for me. 

The day of leisure turned into a butcher shop run and other errands. I almost forgot to get a shot in. Granted, my camera was with me at all times. When I left home, the camera and gear were all packed for getting shots in. Yet I still almost forgot to shoot. I remembered to shoot late in the evening. I lucked out and found a pretty sky this night. As I looked out past my neighbor's home, I noticed a lone star. Or maybe it's a planet. Jupiter? Venus, perhaps? I'm not sure. This really got my attention and forced me to shoot a long exposure shot to capture it's intrigue. 

Quick note, this is my second attempt at shooting long exposures with the T5i at night. I've learned that the lens's auto focus will not let me shoot blindly in the dark. I have to use manual focus after framing my image and hope it looks good. All good. So here's the shot. Processed in Lightroom.  I kept the corner of the neighbor's home in on purpose. I thought it gave more perspective. 

Image by Ant Pruitt     All Rights Reserved

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