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30 Days and 30 Photos, Day 12

So here's a shot for my #30DaysAnd30Photos challenge that may look familiar. That's fine, I wanted to see how my new neutral density filter would work with a shot I've taken before. A neutral density filter is essentially "sunglasses" for your camera lens. Well maybe not THAT simplistic, but hopefully you get the drift.  I shot this using the T5i at roughly 6pm eastern. The sun was begging to go down. With this filter attached, the skies colors appear more enhanced. The magenta and red tons of the sky were clearly visible. It's almost like I got a sneak peek of what the sky would look like within the next hour. Down side is the autofocus wouldn't work because it was "too dark" outside. In my other shots, my focus was too fuzzy. This one was a little better.  I do enjoy the distant view of the small mountain in our backyard, though. 

Thanks for checking out today's photo. Hope all of you are well. 

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