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Wash Yo' Hands!

Recently, I had an instance where I watched a grown man use the restroom, zip up, and walk right out the door. Nope, he didn't wash his hands. I'm not a j"germophobe" or anything, but I do believe in washing my hands after using the restroom as well as sanitizing my hands once I get out of the bathroom. It amazes me that grown folks bypass doing that. Anyway. . . .

Another instance in the bathroom lead to a guy fussing about the paper towel dispenser giving one paper towel at a time to dry his hands. I laughed because he didn't think that it was a feature to keep us from wasting paper. I'm no "green planet", tree hugging, "the earth is our friend" kind of guy, but I try not to be wasteful in some instances. I saw the below video a year or so ago and it really made me think about my hand washing and hand drying efforts. Check it out. I love videos and discussions like this and documentaries in general.

Tell me your thoughts on this. Thanks for reading!