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My Look at Ubuntu Touch on my Nexus 7 (video)

The nerdy and geeky folks close to me know that I'm a fan of the Linux operating system. Particularly the distro called Ubuntu. This is an alternative operating system to run on your computer. It's free and it usually makes "old" computers run faster. I wrote about it on aNewDomain if ya wanna take a look back sometime. But anyway. . . .

Ubuntu Touch was released with a developer preview as an alternative operating system for mobile devices. This is hoping to one day compete with the iOS, Androids and Windows Phones of the world. Time will tell. More details about the package and installation steps can be found here.  Here's my Nexus 7 tablet running the OS to demo what it looks like. Larger version of this vid available by clicking the YouTube icon. Thanks for watching, liking and resharing!