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I Love Taking Pictures With My Smartphone

About this time last year I became fascinated with taking pictures with my cell phone. I mean, I'd taken pics before with my phone but I really wanted to dig into it more going forward. As I began to get into it, I remember coming across a stat that said the most popular "camera" used on the photography sharing site Flickr was the iPhone 4. Do you have any idea how many pictures are on Flickr? That's amazing to me! I began to write about my fascination on aNewDomain with this article which is STILL one of the most popular pieces a year later. 

So a year has passed. I now do a feature column dedicated to smartphone photography as well as host a smartphone photographers community. We also do a weekly Google+ hangout on out and it's now published as "Point and Shoot." My fascination for smartphone photography continues to grow because of this involvement and interaction each week.

So this week in the community we had a smartphone photo challenge presented to us. We're to snap shots with "forced perspective." I'm not the most creative person in the world, but I do enjoy giving the different photos a try. So while at church today, I snapped this shot in the parking lot with my smartphone. I like to think of it as Grabbin' Vitamini D. :)  I like how it looked and my large hands actually look like they're doing something cool for once. 

Grabbin' Vitamin C

Ok, so it's a nice shot in my opinion, but can be better. I knew I wanted to run this image though a photo editor. So I beamed the image (via NFC) to my Nexus 7 tablet so it can be edited on the app called SnapSeed. This app allows for a lot of editing options. Here's the finished product.

Grabbin' Vitamin D (edited)

Yeah I'll toot my own horn in this. I truly love this shot. The idea that this was all done on a smartphone and edited on FREE software via a mobile device amazes me. There are more powerful tools available on computers as well as more powerful cameras such as DSLR's, but that all comes with a price.

What pics have you taken recently with your smartphone? Care to share?