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Small Town USA

As I traveled back home to visit family for the Christmas holiday, I found myself feeling the need to take a walk. It was good to see my momz, grandparents, sister, aunts and uncles and so forth. But just for a few moments, I needed to step out. I needed to just take a walk. It was a lil' cool out (35-40 degrees), but it wasn't unbearable. So off I went. Of course, one of the #hardheadz wanted to tag along. 

As I walked through my grandparents' neighborhood, I saw things I hadn't really paid attention to in recent visits. Things that makes you realize how fast time flies. Some good, some bad. It was nice to walk and sorta let some oxygen into my dome. And then I came across this field I used to run and play in as a child. It ws wide open and used to have a small basketball court. I looked at it and decided to snap a picture. Looking at it made me think of how "small towns" could be portrayed.  I played around with the image and did some editing and cropping with it in GIMP. But just looking at this, I saw "small town." Do you?

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