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Hip Update, February 22 2013. Back At It

What's goin' on everyone? Here's your somewhat regular update regarding my hip recovery and getting back to normal. I hope all of you are well. I'm unbelievable as always.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I took a week off and I'm now back to my typical routine of rehabbing. I was extremely tired last week. Not so much this week. I got back on pace and did my typical LIGHT workout as well as stretching and yoga.

As usual, taking a week off and getting back into it was ROUGH. My first bike ride was fine, but when I got off of it, my legs were PISSED at me. That sensation of my quads and glutes burning and itching really screwed me up. It's that itching sensation deep in the muscles that you can't scratch. You know what I'm talking about? Stretching allowed me to get through those few moments of discomfort.

I did yoga early this morning. I'm not sold on that just yet - an 8am yoga class. I may be too much a wuss to do that more often. I'm gonna try it one more day, but we'll see. I've never been an "early morning" workout person. That woman killed me up in there!

My flexibility is MUCH better. I'm back to putting my face on my knees when stretching just as I always have. Strength seems fine, but I can't truly assess it since I'm not supposed to push my legs just yet. I feel good overall. 

My only issue is still getting used to the sensation of the implant. I still feel it "dangling" in there, but not as much as previous weeks. Also, I have to make myself get used to sleeping on my left side again. I typically didn't because the scar was uncomfortable. The scar is healed up and looks good now. On the lower part of the scar, you can feel the metal implant just under my skin. That's what feels weird to lye on.


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