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Something For The People Of Charlotte

So I ventured away from Chateau "Ghetto" this eve to check out and support my good friend, Carey Head. He's been doing improv comedy for quite a while now and I've never been able to catch his show. Finally, I caught his show and enjoyed it. Be sure to follow him and catch his next show if you're in the Charlotte area.

Heading back home, I was inspired to capture a shot while approaching a traffic light. So I pulled over, pulled out my HTC One Max smartphone and fired up the newly released Google Camera app. I was pleased with the shots I captured, but wasn't fully satisfied until I was able to view them through my typical image editor for processing.  Here's downtown Charlotte on a rainy April evening.

image credit Ant Pruitt for

The HTC One Max is great for low light, but added an extra layer to this image to give it more contrast. I just like deep blacks in images. That's my thing, I guess. Finally I cropped it down to give it a longer aspect ration like a panorama. As we've said in our Smartphone Photographers Community, don't be afraid to CROP YOUR IMAGES. You will be surprised the difference it makes or how many shots you can get out of one shot as my man Robert Knight has shown me. 

Feel free to use this image as a wallpaper or something, but please be sure to give me a link-back or credit. Comments, feedback and reposts are welcome. Thanks!