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Finally Back At It!

Well it's been almost FOUR YEARS  since I've been able to do this. It felt good. Really good. I thought I was going parallel to the floor, but the camera doesn't lie.  I only did a max weight of 115lbs at 10 reps. Then I moved onto the remainder of my workout. Today was legs and biceps. 

I put down the bar and later came back to it for straight bar bicep curls. Guess what my last set of curls was. . .115lbs. Ha! my freakin' legs are puny and weak (for now). There's no reason for my biceps to be as strong (or stronger) than my quads.  Lol! 

Thanks to my good friends in my fitness circle for their support over the last couple of years. Thanks for watching, liking and subscribing to my channel, yall.